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Thanks to all the friends and family that helped contribute in 2016!

Good luck!
- Reid Hansen


Proud of you Jordan!
-Aunt Lisl

Go Jared  : )

Good luck Ty!
-The Scotts

Best of luck Jake, we are proud of you.

Keep killin' it Cooper!
-Sunny & Rylee

Good luck Trent!   
-Gmp & Gma Clifton

You rock Alec!   
-Love, John & Melissa

Good luck Zach    
-Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Bill

Best of luck this year Zach!    
-John & Becky

Good luck Dave B.

Have a great year Jake    
-Grandma Weber

Good luck on the season boys. Continue to play for the love of the game and for the love of each other.    
-Peace, Matt Beermann

Have a good season Alec    
-The Conrows

Matthew, here is to an amazing year! Have fun! Be blessed! Go #11!    
-Love, The Lords

Good luck, Ty , to you & your team    
-Grandma White

Here is to a great season! Go Bears!    
-Ascent Claim Service

Good luck and enjoy Ty    
-Grandma Heydon

Way to go Nick!    

Good luck Ty    
-The Whites

Wishing you a successful season    
-Suzy Eckart

Maximum effort, Stone!    
-John Jones

You rock, Jared    
-The Donnelly's

Keep the wins coming Cooper    
-Grandpa Kelley

Go Marc & Stone    
-The Heinzlers

We wish Jared and the other team players a very successful year!    
-Charles and Carol Thompson

Nick, I'm coming to see your St. Louis games!    
-Love, Grandma

Good luck to the Lacrosse team    
-This is in honor of David Beermann my Grandson

2016 Seniors, Go Bears!    
-Matthew Hanes

Good luck Trent!    
-Mike & Dawn Grosse & Family

Have a great season Tim!    
-Uncle Joe & Aunt Connie

Good Luck Monte    
-Grandma June

I'm proud of you being a part of the team, Good luck Zach

Good luck Ty! 
-The Froehlicks

We're cheering for you Austin!
-The Kueny Family

Good luck Alec
-The Vagners

Matt, they don't want you to win so win more
-Bless up. The Hawkins

Good luck this season Tim
-The Cunninghams

Good luck Zach
-Aunt Jean and Uncle Steff

Go Gunner!!!
-Aunt Barb & Uncle John

Good luck boys
-Uncle Ron

Good luck Austin!
-The Seidelmans

Use the force, Coop! #22
-The Dones

Good luck Burke
-Love Grandma

Gunner, have a great season!
-The Andersons

Hi Matt, I enjoyed watching your game
-Uncle Jim

To a great season!
-The Hiles

We are so proud of Austin Todd!!
-JoJo and Papa Gary

Good luck Monte! Have fun
-The Hunts

Wishing you a great season Tim!
-The Quantes

Good Luck Gunner!
-The St. Johns

Go Jordan #23! Wishing you all the best
-Linda and Mark

Matty Hanes Rules!
- T. Swift

Good luck Jared
-Tracey and Ted

Do your best and hold your head high!
-Nannie Todd

Good luck to the 'Team'
-Burke's Grandma

-Love Nana

Way to go #32! We are so proud of you!
-The Simmons Family

Best wishes for a great season. Go Jake! Go Bears!
-Uncle Bill and Aunt Jeanne

Go Bears Lacrosse! With you all the way.
-Kent and Susanne Long