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Lacrosse Rules

2013 Men's Lacrosse Rules

Lacrosse Rules

Here is a link to the 2013 NCAA Men's Lacroses Rules video

2013 Men's Lacrosse Rules

To purchase or download a 2013 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Rulebook, click here:

2013 Men's Lacrosse Rulebook

US Lacrosse is the governing body in charge of creating and updating LACROSSE RULES

     "US Lacrosse
is the national governing body of men and women's lacrosse in the United States, primarily serving the youth game. It provides a leadership role in virtually every aspect of the game, boasts 64 chapters and more than 400,000 members throughout the United States, and offers programs and services to inspire participation while protecting the integrity of the sport. The US Lacrosse national headquarters is located on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland along with the Lacrosse Museum and National Hall of Fame. ..."

Read more in US Lacrosse's Wikipedia article.


Common Questions About the 2013 Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Rules

Do I still need to keep it in the box during a flag down situation?
No. In the college game, play carries on as it normally would during a flag down situation. The "timer on" call can be enforced during a flag down situation, as it normally would.

What is the "timer on" call about?
In collegiate lacrosse, when the officials deem a team is not creating offense, they can call a "timer on" (Verbal Call) during play. The offensive team then has 30 seconds to put a shot on cage (goalie save / crossbar / or goal). If the offensive team does not get a shot off, possesion is awarded to the defending team.

What are the face-off mechanics?
Down - Set - Whistle. If a team has 3 or more pre-whistle face-off violations in one half, the other team is awarded the ball with a 30 second extra-man opportunity.

Are the heads different in college?
Yes. Make sure yours is an NCAA legal head.