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Positions Available

The Men's Lacrosse team at Missouri State periodically has open positions for its coaching and administrative staffing needs. Please reference the below postings for any open positions and see the bottom of the page for application information.

Assistant Coach(es)

Missouri State University is seeking an energetic assistant coach who will assist the head coach in the day to day tasks of running a collegiate lacrosse team. The person we're looking for is passionate about what he does; he gets a thrill out of seeing others succeed; this person has an intense competitive nature and enjoys learning to get better. Because of the position, this person could have experience with certain aspects of lacrosse, and would not have to be an expert in every area. This person may have just recently graduated from college and looking for his first opportunity. This person above all should have an intense desire to grow and build a program that is already moving up.


Job Duties

  • Individual Player development through the use of drills, evaluations, and various means of on and off-field tools
  • Development of certain team concepts and ideas
  • Assisting head coach in academic evaluations
  • Scouting and gameplanning for opponents
  • Assist in Missouri State's national recruiting efforts
  • Generally assist the head coach in his duties


  • 10-12 hours a week during the fall season (late August - early November)
  • 6-8 hours a week during the winter season (November - early January)
  • 12-14 hours a week + travel on most weekends during the spring season (middle January - early May)
  • Summers Off


  • The position pays $1,000 - $4,000 per year depending on qualifications. 
  • The position does not come with any tuition reimbursement, graduate assistantship or other tuition / housing costs.


Job Duties

  • Videotaping games during the fall and spring seasons to be used for player evaluation and opponent scouting purposes
  • This position does not require any video editing job duties


  • Being present for 4-6 games in the fall and 12-15 games in the spring


  • $30-$50 per game filmed
  • Free travel to road games
  • Free hotel room during travel

Is it the right fit for you?

For more information or to apply for one of the open positions, please contact:

Dustin Rich

Head Coach

Phone: 417.827.6503